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I have worked with C# for nearly 3 years as a hobbyist, working on simple console applications, along with 2D and 3D games in Unity 5.

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Unity 5

I have dabbled with Unity 5 for around a year and a half, and around the same duration with Unity 4. I have coded game systems and prototypes, such as inventory systems, dialogue systems, and more.



I am a highly capable front-end web developer that can create websites from scratch that look beautiful and perform great. With my skill, I can help you develop any website you may so desire.

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Accompanying my other front-end development skills is my ability to use the Bootstrap framework for front-end development. With Bootstrap, I can create more complex designs that performs well and looks great.

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GameMaker Studio

I have worked for over a year with the version 1.x iterations of Game Maker Studio. I am proficient in its scripting language GML, and can set up basic prototypes quickly, and with clean code.

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I am a conscious developer that is aware of the importance of version control. I have a good understanding of Git using the Github software, which will prove most valuable to keep productivity and security high.